Analyze Causes Of Failure

We don’t just provide top-quality components, we also develop total system solutions to help solve customers’ problems. Our goal is to help you maintain your cooling tower and keep your process running at peak performance. And with decades of cooling technology experience, Marley can offer the parts, service, and knowledge you need to solve your cooling issues.

Ask yourself these questions:
When was the last time your cooling tower was inspected by an SPX/Marley technician?

Did you hear any unusual noises or vibrations coming from your cooling tower?


Analyze Failure Causes

Below are some common solutions we provide to businesses like yours every day:

If you need additional assistance, please contact your SPX Cooling Technologies rep to request a consult or onsite training.

Sound Levels

(Do you have excessive sound levels from your cooling tower?)

Solutions and Benefits:

Upgrade your tower rotating equipment with Marley low sound package. Note: Not all models are available for upgrade, please check with your Marley Representative.

Other OEM Tower Designs

(Do you have other, non-Marley cooling towers at your site?)

Solutions and Benefits:

For BAC Towers, choose a MBX fill replacement kit designed to fit your specific cooling tower.

For other OEM Gearboxes, replace with a Marley Geareducer®including engineered designed adaptor plate and required changes to driveshaft and fan.


(Have you felt increased vibration levels?)

Solutions and Benefits:

Vibration can be caused by multiple factors, request a consult with a Marley Technical Sales Engineer Note: Prolonged vibration could cause future failures.

Water Conservation

(Do you have water management issues?)

  • Basin leaks
  • Louver splash out
  • Drift issues
  • Freezing issues

Is your water management issue a cold water basin overflow?

Solutions and Benefits:

Could be caused by multiple factors, request a consult with a Marley Technical Sales Engineer.

Replace your mechanical float valve with a Marley Electronic Water Level system to monitor water depth, check with your Marley Representative.

Safety Equipment OSHA Requirements

(Do you have safety or OSHA concerns with access on or inside your cooling tower?)

Solutions and Benefits:

Fan Deck Ladder and Handrail Ladder Safety Gate Interior plenum platforms (to access cold water basin, accessories, and mechanical equipment).

Exterior platforms (to access door or motor).