Marley® Comp-DS Driveshaft

Lightweight – Low Maintenance
The Marley Comp-DS is one-third the weight of a stainless steel driveshaft of equal performance.
Designed with a minimum number of corrosion-resistant components.
Reduced weight prolongs the life of the air-movement mechanical equipment.

Durable Long-Life Construction
The Marley Comp-DS carbon fiber flex element can be up to 70% stronger per unit weight than fiberglass
and three times stiffer*.
Hub machined from 316 stainless steel single-piece bar stock to ensure strength.
Composite tube with infused UV inhibitors provides outstanding resilience against direct sunlight exposure.
Resin-transfer molded flanges are designed with unique geometry for stress reduction.


Head-to-Head Comparison

Marley® Comp-DS®   ADDAX®
Carbon Fiber Flex Element Durability Fiberglass
Stainless Steel Machined Billet Hub Material Strength Cast Stainless Steel
Yes UV Inhibitors Unknown

*Source: Engineered Materials Handbook, Volume 1, Composites, First Edition, ASM International